I’m Rachel McGuinness. With my help, you can feel fit and healthy; energised, rested and focused.

I know – it sounds too good to be true. But maybe you’re just too busy racking up air miles, eating junk, and barely pausing for breath to be able to improve your life. Believe me, I’ve been there, done it and worn the size 18 T-shirt!

In 1999 I was overweight, overworked and unhappy. Now I feel healthy, content and ready to cope with whatever life throws at me.

Would you like to feel the same way? Lucky for you, I’ve put in all the hard work so you are able to take the fast track. It’s all about simple, sustainable solutions to enrich and rebalance your life – no empty promises, no gimmicks and no faddy diets. I’ve been following my own programme since 2000 – and now look at me!

Make a positive difference to your life today. Start by booking your free 30 minute consultation with me.




Rachel is also the founder of the health campaign, Zestember – inspiring a healthy nation.