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I’m Rachel McGuinness. I’m really glad that you decided to visit. I’m guessing you are here because you want to improve your health. I’d love to show you a few simple lifestyle changes that could change your future.

Living a hectic life - working flat out, managing a young family or constantly travelling – quickly takes its toll on your health. Living hi-speed has become the norm and this, combined with a widespread confusion about which foods genuinely are good for your body, has resulted in a generation of people surviving on ready meals, low-fat, but sugar-laden ‘diet’ foods and caffeine. All wondering why the number on the scales keeps creeping up. You believe you are eating ‘healthily’, and yet you feel dreadful.

I can help. My programmes work for people in all different walks of life. I teach my clients a new, sustainable way of eating and how to shoehorn beneficial habits into an already packed schedule. The Zest Lifestyle healthy eating plans mean an end to starvation diets and the perpetual dieting cycle.

Implementing new eating habits will have a massive effect but 'Eating Smart' is just one of the four pillars in my lifestyle changing programme. I also advise my clients on how to 'sleep well', 'move more' and 'chill out'. Adapting your lifestyle to the Zest Lifestyle will give you a consistent weight, bags more energy, skin gleaming with vitality and the deepest, most refreshing sleep of your life. Many of my clients have seen the end of niggling ailments, such as IBS, digestive disorders and headaches, that they had been putting up with for years!

I know – it sounds too good to be true. But, I learned how to do this through my own experience. In 1999 I was overweight, overworked and truly miserable. CLICK HERE to see just how bad I looked back then!) I developed this programme and ever since I’ve been feeling great, with more or less the same weight, even in January after an indulgent Christmas!

I’d love to talk you through how you could feel better. CLICK HERE to book your free 30-minute health review and we’ll get started!



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