How to survive the clocks going forward next week

It will soon be time to put our clocks forward for British Summer Time – yay! Every spring time we move the clocks forward by an hour on the last Saturday night/Sunday morning in March, and this year it’s on 26 March 2017. Changing the clocks forward by an hour can mess around with our…

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How to get the best night’s sleep in a hotel room

Sleeping away from home can sometimes be a challenge, different environment and layout; different bed, pillows and bedlinen; it’s stuffy and hot, or the air conditioning is noisy! Here are my top tips to get some decent shut eye when you’re away from home whether you’re on the road or on your hols: Get the…

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5 Signs you’re sleep deprived and what to do about it

How do you know when you’re not getting enough sleep? When we sleep, our body goes into maintenance mode, and if you’re not getting enough shut eye, then you may find that you’re suffering from the following:   1. You have the concentration span of a gnat There is nothing worse than having to struggle…

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I used to be obese – yes really I was!

Rachel McGuinness - before

It’s National Obesity Awareness Week 11 – 17 January, and I wanted to share my own story. I used to be obese – yes really I was! I used to do adhoc checks on my BMI, you know the ones you do online; where you type in your height, weight and how active you are. …

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A nourishing venison casserole recipe

Venison Casserole

Venison is a tastier version of beef and can be substituted in most beef or lamb dishes. Venison is mostly wild game and, unlike beef, which is generally hand reared, eats natural food. Compared to beef, venison is a lot lower in cholesterol, fat and a better source of vitamins and minerals. Venison is generally…

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Are you eating your winter greens?

Winter greens

As the Christmas holiday eating period is draws to a close, did you know that those of us who ate an average family Christmas meal probably ate more food in one sitting than we would usually eat in a whole day? Now that we’ve finished the leftovers (more turkey curry anyone?) what else is good…

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Mindset VS Willpower

On the top of the New Year’s resolution list for most people is “I want to get healthy or be healthier”, but for most of us our motivation wanes after a few days or weeks and then we gently slide back into our old habits without realising it. The trouble is when we try something…

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What the heck is ‘reformulation’!?

I popped along to the ‘Food Matters Live’ conference in London this week which brings together people from the food industry, government and health. The new buzz word on the street with food manufacturers is reformulation.   This word  was being used by senior executives of major retailers in response to reducing the high sugar, salt…

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