Zesty People

They’re healthy, in great shape and they’ve got loads more energy. No wonder they’re saying lovely things…


I followed Rachel's advice and my sleep improved

After working with Rachel my sleep improved.  I have followed Rachel’s advice and have a proper bed time routine; clearing my mind, relaxing for an hour before bed (no phone, iPad, television); and things have just fallen into place.

Yes, I occasionally wake in the night, but I don’t put my phone on or check the time, I just tell myself it is still night time and go back to sleep.  I wake refreshed and raring to go, a feeling I hadn’t had for a while.

Thank you, Rachel, for your sound advice.

Natalie Guerin, Brighton


How can we dream if we don't sleep?

I decided to try Rachel’s Eat Smart programme as I figured why not?  I’ve tried everything else and although not hugely over weight I’ve had the proverbial 20lbs hanging around my middle for years and had started to feel alarmingly bloated and unhappy in my own skin.

Rachel is the epitome of Zest! She is attractive, contagiously HAPPY and generous.  So after a 30 minute chat I was intrigued and thought – I’ll have what she’s having!  It was the perfect challenge.

Doable, enlightening and encouraging.  Not only did Rachel support our little group with individualised nutrition guidelines but there was a Facebook group with live chats and Trello recipe cards, plus she sourced a brilliant free HIIT program on line for us.  Not to mention Rachel walks her talk and was on the challenge with us!

I made all sorts of essential discoveries which have changed my health habits for life:  portion size, water intake and some food myths.  One of the biggest discoveries was SLEEP!  OMG! Not only had the baby weight been hanging around but I have been sleep deprived since my children (now teenagers) were born!!

I learned that under 4 hours of sleep a night makes you legally drunk!! Sleep is now not a luxury for me but a necessity.  It has encouraged me to enforce clearer boundaries around my time and develop better habits in morning and evening routines as well as workflow in my business and daily life.

So, my New Year’s Resolution?  Sleep is a necessity not a luxury.  After all how can we dream if we don’t sleep? ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thank you Rachel!

Stacia Keogh, Berkshire


I haven't been consistently under 9 stone in 10 years, now I am!sue-roberts-taylor

I like eating this way. I haven't missed carbs at all and keeping to the guidelines is very easy at home. I haven't been consistently under 9 stone in 10 years and I feel I am eating well and feeling good.

Sue Roberts, Buckinghamshire



I learned about how to increase my energy through improving sleep and  I no longer have digestive problems!susie-kong

I have been working on and off with Rachel for many years now and I have learned so much from her! Firstly I learned about how to increase my energy through improving sleep and ensuring rest periods at work. Then I learnt about Metabolic Balance which I was slightly dubious about at first but it has totally changed how I eat. I no longer have digestive problems, I lost a great deal of body fat, I know the best foods for my body and Rachel has made it so easy for me with lots of tips and tricks and great yummy easy recipes. Rachel also role-models excellent health and it never surprises me the new things she shares with me eg. meditation apps, the greatness journal, Trello, recipe books - the list is endless! Thanks so much Rachel!

Susie Kong, Middlesex


I reached my weight loss goal within 4 weekscristina-holm

I have known Rachel for many years. She is passionate, genuine and a real subject matter expert when it comes to your health and well being. She is a walking advert for what she does (make sure you see her before and after photos!) and I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Rachel.

I have followed her 'eat smart' program since Feb 2016 and reached my weight loss goal within 4 weeks. It's so simple to do, the program is now habit. I feel great doing so, plus it makes my life cooking and shopping so much easier. Love it!

Thank you so much Rachel for making me feel great, and let's not forget... looking good too!

Cristina Holm, Berkshire


It’s not a diet and unlike all the many diets I have tried … I have changed the way I eat!11080415_10152871450130838_6044819986538264436_o

October 2014 I was heavier than I had ever been, felt unhealthy and knew that I was heading towards an old age of ill health if I didn’t do something soon.  A short phone call later with Rachel and I was about to start my new way of living on Metabolic Balance.

It’s not a diet and unlike all the many diets I have tried … I have changed the way I eat! And not in a bad way – my menu is more varied, I eat larger portion sizes and regularly go for a treat meal without worry.

Fast forward 3 months and I was almost 3 stone lighter and thrilled with my new look in clothes 3 sizes smaller! And it’s now October 2016 and I’m still wearing those clothes!

I can’t recommend Rachel and Metabolic Balance enough … easy to follow rules for living and the support to stay on track at the start. I now know how to maintain and reduce my weight as I choose; giving me choices and the flexibility to live a real life and not some imaginary life where someone else is weighing out all my meals! I am healthier than I was a decade ago; I still work long hours, eating out for many meals and I don’t particularly like cooking and yet I continue to be able to follow the rules with an understanding of what is going to make me feel well and what won't!

Sally Hindmarch, Buckinghamshire


When I eat on plan I feel full of energy, slim and have helen-reynoldshealthy digestion

After years of struggle with my digestion I decided to explore the possibility of working with Rachel on her metabolic balance program. At the time one of my friends had been working with Rachel and I’d seen first-hand the difference it had made to her weight and her energy. She also had this glow about her. I wanted some of that !

Apart from the first couple of days, I found the program easy to stick to and soon began to enjoy how wonderful it made me feel. My food list is huge and easy to stick to. I’m eating three good meals a day but have managed to cut out the snacking and most of the sweet stuff.

Very soon I was moved onto phase 4 of the program which means I get to have a few treat meals a week. I tend to use these at the weekend and enjoy having a glass or two of wine too. I soon notice how a treat meal makes me feel though…

When I eat on plan I feel full of energy, slim and have healthy digestion. When I don’t, I get bloated, tired and indigestion. When I go on holiday and eat off plan I’m always amazed at the speed I can lose any weight gained and start to feel healthy again – literally within a few days.

So for me, metabolic balance has sorted out my digestive issues, given me more energy and a nice side effect has been losing around 10 pounds.

Rachel walks the walk and talks the talk. She makes it as easy as she can for you to get it right and I would highly recommend signing up to work with her to get your health sorted out once and for all.

Helen Reynolds, W Sussex


I have eaten the nicest food over the last 2 months and achieved a goal I have wanted to  12375101_10205642633766986_3757892132056976483_o

Thanks to Lucy Whittington for recommending Rachel and the metabolic balance plan. I can honestly say I have eaten the nicest food over the last 2 months and achieved a goal I have wanted to but haven't managed to in over 10 years. I think the credit is due to two things....1. The metabolic balance plan and Rachel's support and 2. The understanding of the Three Principles I've been learning over the last 3 years that have meant I've been able to simply and quietly stick to the plan without giving much attention to all that noise you can have in your head when you want to shift some weight.

Nic Bird, Surrey



I am much more aware of what I eat and what is right for my body24223_379975847538_685007_n

I had met Rachel a couple of times at events and was interested in what she had to tell me about the Metabolic Balance programme.  I had been suffering from a few minor health problems for a number of years and was drawn to the programme as it addressed many of them by re-balancing your hormones and metabolism. Although not doing the programme for weight loss after just a few months I have lost nearly a stone without trying, do not feel hungry and many of my symptoms have gone. Not only that, it has changed my habits around food and made me much more aware of what I eat and what is right for my body.

Karen Revell, Surrey


A shared testimonial with the amazing Image Stylist, Helen ReynoldsMarion Thomas

I now have a shape that means that I don’t need to take the only thing I can find that fits me…sort of…. but I have an intentional style and colour choice that means my discernment has gone up several notches.

I came home with two pairs of trousers that are the right colour for me and also are the right shape. Rachel I was putting clothes back on the rail because they were TOO BIG!!!

I cannot believe I have a pair of trousers from M&S that are size 14 and from Next that are 16 and that I know they will look and feel good on me.

Thank you both so much.

Marion Thomas, Hampshire

I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks!

I am so pleased I made the decision to change my eating habits withHarriet Slingo the help of Rachel and the Metabolic Balance diet. I lost 10lb in 2 weeks and felt amazing.

Rachel keeps me on track and never makes me feel guilty. I have kept the weight off and find that when I stick to the foods on my list I notice a vast difference in how I feel. The most amazing difference I noticed was stopping diet coke, even after 1 day the bloated feeling was massively reduced. This programme has educated me to eating foods I would never have thought of eating and I have found a new passion for food and preparing yummy meals that are quick and easy to prepare. I am also very aware now how easy it is to eat when you are not really hungry and how important water is to your body. The blood test I had at the start was an eye opener to the effects your life style has on your body. I have done many diets in the past and found that working with Rachel I have really been educated to how what you put in our body effects your health.

 Harriet Slingo, Somerset


44lbs lighter and 6 inches off my waist!

As I approached my 70's I knew I had to lose some weight and get Lee Clarke 2fitter.   Apart from a ghastly photo of myself taken in an unguarded moment showing my 40" waistline, I was getting short of breath and I know I was eating and drinking way too much of all the wrong things.

My weight exceeded 15 stone (94 kg), so I signed up for a day's one to one coaching with Rachel and the process began.

My progress was deliberately slow as I firmly believe for this to work my eating and exercising had to become lifestyle changes for good, not a quick fix.  I lost about 18 pounds over six months and was pleased, but Rachel suggested I try Metabolic Balance and my goodness did that make a difference.    Now, a further six months on,  I have lost 20k (44lb) and my waist size has dropped to 34, a loss of 6", which is perhaps the most important measurement of all for me.

There's a postscript to this.    During the time I was focusing on my health I also had a routine medical and discovered I had two serious heart conditions.     During the early stages of treatment for this my cardiologist expressed surprise at the speed I recovered from the first condition, (atrial fibrillation) and suggested that my new "zesty" lifestyle and metabolic balance must be contributory factors to my recovery.   I've now reached my ideal weight, 12st 10lb and plan to stay there.  My diet is hardly a chore.   I'm eating very well, enjoying wine and beer in modest quantities and I'm extremely grateful indeed to have taken the plunge with the metabolic diet.

Lee C, Cardiff


12kg in 61 days!Susan before and after MB

Yay! It's Day 61 and I've reached my MB target weight! I'm now 12kg lighter than the day I started, that's 26.6 lbs!   29 days more to go on the program, I think I'll try for another 5 lbs... Thank you so much Rachel for all your support and guidance, not only does the program really work but you're a brilliant coach.

Susan, Hampshire



Rachel is a walking advert for wellnessSteve Johnson

Rachel is a walking advert for wellness. She really walks the talk. If you are a busy professional struggling to get balance in your life (signs are weight gain; tiredness) contact her. She's been there herself... Not that you can tell. You'll be more energised, successful and cope better than before. (Contact her... ;0)

Steve Johnson, Consultant, Berkshire



The programme was full of encouragement for a weak willed person like me, so it was just what I needed. The targets were set, diaries to complete as a record of my daily activities. This made me realise the link between food, exercise and sleep and I how I felt in my body.

Sean, Senior Management, FMCG, London


Rachel’s enthusiasm and positive outlook make her ideally suited to be a mentor. She is knowledgeable in many areas of her health and wellness and has an holistic approach to whatever issues are being addressed. She is 100% committed to helping her client, is full of ideas, and most importantly, never gives up on you, so you keep believing your goals are possible.

Clare, PR Executive, Berkshire


Rachel’s up-to-date knowledge of health and wellbeing are complemented by her great sense of humour and innate interest in helping people and make her an excellent mentor. I also turned to Rachel for help when I started a stressful new job. She really helped to improve my confidence.

Jim H, Berkshire


I have lost about 18lbs and have gained a lot more energy and motivation to continue with more healthy eating habits and lifestyle. This has impacted so many areas in the way I feel about myself, my confidence etc.

Zoe, Finance Director, London


My life has certainly improved since working with Rachel and I would recommend it to anyone who feels that they have lost direction in their life, or needs help to focus on what to do next.

Jo, Educational Management, Berkshire


I really enjoyed the coaching programme and felt as if I’d known Rachel for years. She has been a good ear to listen to and has given some great advice. I recommend everyone to do the coaching programme!

Lorraine, Head Buyer - Retail Management, London