Heather Waring

Coach and walk leader

When you feel unstuck and you’ve lost the essence of who you are, I help you find clarity and reignite your spark.

5 minutes with Heather

How would you describe the difference you make to your clients?

I work with people at a transitional point in their lives. They may be moving house, starting a new relationship, taking on a new role, seeing their last child off to university, coming through divorce or retiring. They may have lost a loved one. It’s at these points we often feel unstuck,  detached and stressed. It’s easy to lose the essence of who you are.

I help my clients get clarity and find a way forward, then support them as they put that plan into action. I help them rediscover and reconnect with who they truly are and reignite their spark.

How do you make that difference?

I use walking as the vehicle for delivering my coaching. It’s my go to for health and wellbeing as it brings so many mental and physical benefits.

I started doing walking and talking way back in 2005 before anyone else was doing it. Combining nature and wide-open spaces with coaching and personal development brings an ease to the discussion. it increases creativity and is a magical way to move forward.

In my online work I draw on the walking and path metaphors and often suggest that clients take the issues and challenges we are pondering out on a walk, as that can often help with finding solutions.

What’s your background?

I worked in the not-for-profit sector for many years, mainly in health education. I also undertook media work on radio and TV and organised events. I was Head of Education at the British Heart Foundation until I had had my daughter, when I launched my own practice as a way of finding more balance and flexibility.

Health and wellbeing have been key parts of all my roles. I am an accredited coach with the British Coaching Academy, a certified retirement coach and a certified women’s coach with One of Many. I’m the author of How Walking Saved My Life and I’m enormously proud of helping to grow the 1 Million Women Walking movement to over 8,000 members globally.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do with Zest?

The fact that I am able to be part of something bigger and make a difference. I love how Zest is evolving and love being able to contribute to that growth. I have known Rachel for years and I love her energy and enthusiasm. She, like me is always striving for better and to make an even bigger difference. Also, she’s fun!

Tell us something about your life outside of work

I do for work what I love in life so I spend a lot of my free time walking and exploring. Walking means I can also bring my other passions – such as photography, travel, food and wine – to the paths I travel.